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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

book thoughts

after having my head not just handed to me..but handed to me after it wasused for a rousing game of soccer in last few weeks, I spent saturdaymorning rechecking the sanity of my positions, reviewing balance sheets,income statements etc to make sure I hadnt suddenly lost the last few IQ points I possess. reaching the conclusion that my views and positions were as correct as i could make them and that as usual, my timing was justbrutally seems to be one of lifes little laws than within 30 daysof accepting a marriage proposal from me, a woman develops a need fortherapeutic continuous use of my american express card, and within momentsof my deciding a stock or sector is a screaming buy they will drop to the ohs*** level before attempting to rebound....I decided that some avoidancetherapy was called for..I booted up the new jimmy buffet cd. to the almostbut not quite loud enough to annoy the neighbors level..(the first of two suggestions in this post...for those fans of buffet music and themelvinesque lifestyle..this is mandatory far the best newstuff in 10 years...) poured a big ice tea in my jeff gordon 32 oz big gulpcup and looked for some mindless reading material that contained no numbers,forecasts, pontifications or the need for any thought above the level forsustaining a stack of books given as gifts and put on thesomeday pile I found a tome that seemed to fit the bill.....a manuscriptwith the unlikely and unfortunate title of Island of the Sequined Love Nunsby Christopher the blues?...and then afternoons end I had finished thefirst and run off to borders for other of the authors pieces....this stuffis just funny,,no polite chuckle or amused grin here...we re talking laughat loud, roll on the floor, expel fluids through the nasal passages funny.the writing in incredibly intelligent, his imagination hits heightsunimagined prior to reading him...kind of dave barry/timothy leary/pj
orourke hybrid.....

.there are demons, vampires, lizards, true loves,unfortunate romances,convoluted crashes of humanity upon the unreal....itsalmost indescribable but some of the funniest and well written stuff I veever read....these books cannot be read at the beach or local pool oranywhere else you might be subject to commitment for snarfing,giggling,rolling around like a drunken hyena in hysterics. One suggest blue coyote asa good starting place for his stuff next time you to need to chase thestreaming red numbers and rows upon columns of numbers away for a for life and market lessons there are a few..I l let you findthem for yourselves once the giggles and hiccups have subsided

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