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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


One often sits and wonders, in silent accompanied of course by a perfect glass of scotlands finest by the side to lubricate the thought process and make sure it flows in an orderly fashion, as to the meaning of life. I mean surely there is one…10 million..or ten thousand whether one is listening to a scientist or a cleric..of creation and evolution had to be for something? There is enough catholic left in me..the celtic catholic of course, still clinging tightly to the odd mix of mysticism and sensuality that the pre roman Irish were known for…to still believe that something or someone created us for some purpose other than mere existence upon the planet…After all if we are just a slightly higher form of base animal life..explain poetry to me..or Beethoven, degal,Picasso, brahams,shakespeare,..can such beauty be created by a creation of random chance..I think not.
So what then, is the meaning of it all? The views espoused by the church, that this a foreshadowing of eternal life meant to be lived in a mean form of subservience to a greedy angry god?..hmm..I doubt that. Somehow I suspect the she ( God just seems more female than male to me..perhaps just a matter of perspective) did not intend the blind humility and total unapprecaition of the beauty of life that protestant and even now catholic alike preach every Sunday from cherry wood pulpits in glass palaces built by the dimes of the faithful. The humanistic viewpoint…don’t thin so. To believe there is no purpose what so ever is to be dead inside I think. The socialist?..Again no, otherwise why would we all have the innate spark and desire to create and achieve, to better the lives of not only ourselves but those we love?
Indeed a very curious question. I have no answers that can be written in script from on high and perhaps the answers) that I have found are the wrong ones. I have watched many live life’s of relatively safe obscurity, going from birth to death without collecting the scars and hurts of a more adventurous life..but they also have no memories of mountains climbed, stolen moments of pure passion, faraway beaches, love won and lost, victories celebrated, defeats endured. It seems to be an entire unsatisfactory way to live.
So what then, is the meaning of it all. I think perhaps the meaning is to live it and live it well. To experience all the incredible capacity for romance and wonder that the benevolent being has thrown before us.To develop the mind that has been given us, to use it to explore, to dream, to risk, to venture,to create. To enjoy the cornucopia of beauty, in nature, in words, in music, to watch sunsets,, stare at the crashing surf in amazed and amused wonderment. To win victories, to suffer defeats, bind the wounds and enjoy the wonder of achievement.
And most of all, I think to celebrate the in born sensuality we were born with and given as what I thin is perhaps a prelude to any sort of heaven that may exist. The sex drive and appreciation of each other that we were given is I think a misunderstood and misused by most..either denied and turned into some inset part a into slot b procreation rite, or a sweaty twisted pile with someone whose name we won’t recall in the morning. Both I think are equally wrong. But when it’s a melding of minds and bodies, both there for the same reasons, the same pleasures. Searching, exploring, enjoying..then perhaps we have some idea of why we were given these bodies and these mind in the first damn place.Why is there wine if not to drink it, music if not to play it?
The only answer I have to it all is that life is to live, to experience to enjoy. The defeats with the passing of time are almost as sweet as the victories. The music and the poetry recalled long after the sweat and the blood have dried and faded..the memory of lovers joined through body and mind, eyes locking souls together tighter than the bodies ever could be remain long after the ending… is to live, to celebrate, to risk, to dance, to make love, to not just listen to the music but be a part of it
But that’s just me

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