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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Political and Societal Rantings

I have put this off as long as possible but the closer we get to this damn election the more pure shit I hear every day. It is on the Television, on Facebook and twitter. I cannot even watch a damn ballgame without listening to all the rhetoric and asinine pronunciations spewing about the election and what’s right for America and what’s right for me. I have been silent long enough and just literally cannot stand it anymore.
First let’s start with the assumption that both parties are fucking insane and have agendas that do not involve making my life or this country any better. These idiots are mad on their own ideas and power. They actually think that they and they alone know what’s best for every damn one of us and that the government should dictate our behavior and control our choices. The only difference between the parties is how they go about exercising their power and what they want to control.

One party thinks that they know how to spend my money better than I do. They want to redistribute my money to make things fairer. They tell us that the government can fix poverty and ignorance if they just have more money. Now they have been taking large sums of our money to fix these problems since the Great Society of the 1960s and as a nation we just dumber and poorer so the evidence is not on their side.  According to their platform they should take your money and give it to others and if you are dumb enough to have long term success in your life you should give up more of your money because it is not fair that you are wealthy and others are not.

Okay stop for a second. Go get your birth certificate. Look it over very carefully. Do you see anything on that fucking document that says life will be fair?  It is not fair. It never has been and it never will be. Some people will be born to rich parents and others to poor. Some people will be born as geniuses and being solving fractal equations and playing Bach on a harpsichord while waiting for the kindergarten bus. Some will struggle with Dick, Jane and tying their shoes until high school. Some guys will be born with a full head of hair and never lose a strand while others will be bald before Prom. Some girls will grow up to be Barbie-esque tits on sticks while others will have muffin tops on their diapers that never go away. Some people will succeed and some people will fail. Life is not fair. It never has been and it never will be. Punishing others for their success is simply envy and your desire to enjoy others achievements while doing nothing of your own.

The wild idea that the wealthy and successful need to pay more in taxes is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard. They pay most of them now. But they can afford to pay more to help us all cries the liberal. Perhaps they can but here’s the issue. IT IS NOT YOUR FUCKING MONEY AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO INSIST THEY GIVE IT TO YOU. Fair would be all of us paying the exact same percentage of taxes. Fair does not discriminate by income level. We all pay our share and move on. To the  wealthys credit they have paid the bulk of the nation’s tax burden for decades without too many complaints. Try to keep in mind that the wealthy generally own the companies that make the products you use, provide your jobs and support the hospitals, libraries and other social institutions of your community.

This applies to the whole evil corporation business as well. Corporations are not inherently evil. The profit motive of American business has given us a very high standard of living. They provide our food, our clothes and all the other things that make life possible and enjoyable. But get this straight. They exist to make money. Although many have been very generous in giving to charitable cause their purpose is to make money. They are not philanthropic institutions.If labor is cheaper somewhere else then the capital is going to flow there. They will always search for ways to cut cost and improve margins. If taxes are too high in location A they will move to location B. They are not evil in and of themselves. There are problems with the current system but I will get to those when I get to pissing off my republican friends.

The Democrats believe that the answer to our energy problems is to throw money at technologies that are not yet mature enough to provide a significant portion of our needs. Until we achieve energy independence the world has us by the balls. The scary part is that much of the oil supply is located in the homeland of those who would very much like to fry and eat our collective balls. We have a shit ton of natural gas and coal and we need to use it to build a bridge to the greener future. It simply is not here yet and no matter how much of our money you throw at solar and wind companies they simply cannot do the job at this point in time. We will get there but we need to use what we have for the next 30 years or so. We have abundant energy sources. We can develop technology that makes it cleaner. For God’s sake use it and quit wasting my time and energy on this green energy and green jobs bullshit. It is lovely rhetoric but lousy policy.

The Democrats are currently approaching the level of socialists. They think government has the answer to everything and that redistribution of wealth is a fair and wonderful thing. There is no historical evidence that this is the case and a lot that it is a really stupid fucking idea but it does garner a lot of votes based on greed and envy so they stick with it. On energy and jobs they trot out the same ideas that have been failing for decades and expect us to swallow this hogwash once again. It is straight forward "vote for me and I will give you the others guy money" politics.

Enough with those assholes let’s move onto the other assholes. I’ll take the corporate issues first. Corporations are not people you fucktards.  They should not be allowed to throw unlimited amounts of money in the political process and buy elected officials. At this point congressmen and women should be like NASCAR driver and have logos on their clothing so we can all know who paid for them. Corporations do not belong in the political process in way shape or form. Lobbying is a fucking criminal activity. Its influencing elected officials to act in a company or industry’s interest. How the fresh fuck is this a good idea?

 While I am on the subject does anyone think that a caretaker CEO making hundreds of times the wage of the average worker is sound capitalism? If a founder like Jobs or Gates makes tens of billion creating and building a company I celebrate his success. When some random MBA who owns 200 share of stock gets hundreds of million to run a  company and  is laying off thousands to make his quarterly number and kick up his stock option value I think we have to question the sanity of that. Corporations are not gods and CEOs are not fucking rock stars.  Capitalism at his finest rewards capital, labor and management but non ownership management should not be paid 350 times what the average worker earns. That’s not capitalism it is feudalism.

Now let’s move onto the big one and your stand on so called social issues. Your moral standards may not be mine and you have no right to force them on me. You do not know God, you do not talk to him and I suspect he does not like you very much. Don’t stand there and tell me you are the party of freedom and smaller government while drawing up regulations on what I should and should not do with my life. It is not your role in the world to tell me who to love or how to love. You do not have the right to tell me who to fuck, where to fuck, when to fuck or how to fuck.  You can’t tell me who to love or who to marry. You do not have that right or that type of moral superiority. Even if you did it is not the role of government to tell me how to live and to love. Stop that ignorant backward shit.

Now for the Libertarians. I support much of what they do and they have some solid ideas. However the party is full  of nut jobs and anarchists who are clueless about the world. Most importantly they have no plan for getting from where are to where we should be. It’s not like we can just end all entitlement programs, shut down the military and go on the gold standard overnight. In fact no matter how much you screech about the gold standard that ship has sailed. We cannot go back on the gold standard at all.  In the 70s the French used price arbitrage to raid the US treasury. Today our nation would get arbed out of existence if we tried to go on the gold standard. I support personal freedom, Liberty and smaller government with sound fiscal policies. Please show me the bridge from here to there or just admit you are a bunch of loony tunes who like to rant, rave and grumble while smoking pot and banging each other’s girlfriends when ComicCom is not in town.

Enough grumbling, lets now spend some time on what we need to do going forward. We as a nation are deeply fucked up right up right now. We are falling behind in many key areas. As opposed as I may to be to government spending we have to spend some cash to get to a place where we have a healthy economy and society. Then we can afford smaller government and great freedoms.

Let start with some key cuts we have to make. First bring all the troops home. All of them. No more worlds beat cop. We can’t fix our own problems. How they hell do we think we can fix every little hot spot in the world? The US military is to provide for the defense of our nation as well as our national security. They are not there to bleed and die for your political agenda be it feeding starving Somalians or preventing the spread of some competing political ideology. If and when we as a nation are threatened turn them loose with full fury. Until them they belong in the US and our territories only.

Along with this all foreign aid needs to cease. We can barely pay our own bills. Why are we giving money to other nations including many who would love nothing more than to see us all die? When there is a disaster in the world we will encourage our citizens to be as generous as they have been historically but not one dime of taxpayer dollars can be given. Same for the United Nations. Withdraw and kick them the fuck out of New York. That building would make awesome condos. Why do we give money and support to an organization that hates us and works to harm our nations while sending our young people to die in their ridiculous fucking police actions? We cannot afford them.

There are a lot of areas we can cut in government budgets. Leave me alone with carte blanche and the federal budget and I guarantee you I will find the money to fix our problems without a single tax increase. I will piss off a lot of people but the money to address our real concerns will be found.

Now for building that bridge. We have to start with education. We keep hearing talk of education and how much the federal government is going to to do to help us educate our children. They have not done dick except create new layers of bureaucracy. It is not a hell of a lot better on the local level. I have yet to find a department of education in any city town state or county in the United States that was not a nightmare of waste and bureaucracy.  Kids do not have books or pencil but there are three people for every job that needs doing back at the Board of Ed building. It’s a fucking mess. We need to cut the layers of people between the money and the classroom.

Included in the layer is the teachers union. They have assumed powers that are not theirs and play a role in curriculum and other classroom matters. The oppose merit based pay and limit the ability of a municipality to eliminate a bad teacher. They do not help the educational process and I am not convinced they do a fuck of a lot for individual teachers either. Get rid of the bureaucracy and the unions and get the money to the teachers and the kids. We need books, computers, supplies and libraries far more than we need a union official or a deputy assistant to the undersecretary of social studies. We are falling behind and teachers are underpaid while bureaucrats and union officials cash six figure paychecks while our kids can’t read or write.

 We need to fix the classroom situation. First we need to make them safer. Not this sissified "safe" where we have hall monitors and cops drive by the school. Put cops in the schools in high risk locations. Education is a privilege of living in our society and no kid has the right to fuck up another’s education. Get the drugs and the violence out of the building and force the kids to focus and learn. It sounds harsh but educations the only way to break the chains of poverty and ignorance that have gripped parts of our nations for decades now. Give kids a chance to learn and they will.

Quit teaching to the lowest common denominator in the classroom Let education lift up the lowest rather than slowing down the best. If we need more teachers to do this then let’s fire a few more bureaucrats and get them in the classroom. Quit teaching to the test and let kids discover the joy of knowledge. Quit fucking with the curriculum. History is not politically correct so stop teaching it that way. Knock off the teaching of Women’s history, African American history, corrupt white people history and all the other brands that have popped up. Teach fucking history with all the blood, piss, shit, mistakes and achievements that have gotten us to where we are today. It may not be pretty but it is fucking beautiful. Teach the kids math for fucks sake. Math is the secret to the whole goddamned universe and underlies most significant human achievement but we are not even in the top 20 globally anymore. Teach them science so they have some basic understanding of how the world, the planet and life itself actually functions. Knock off the politically correct crap and teach them not to just to read literature but to love literature. There is no world literature or hyphenated American literature, there is just literature. To learn to read and explore is to learn to think. I could ramble on here but you get the point. To fix the nation we must fix the education system and not just teach our children but instill them with a love of learning.

One of the chief jobs of the federal government is to enable and encourage commerce. To do this we need an infrastructure upgrade in this country. Our current infrastructure is not horrific yet but to take out place in the world and have the standard of living we need it must be the best in the world. We need to fix our roads, highways and bridges so products can get to market, children can get to school and people can get to work with relative ease. We need an efficient electrical grid to power our homes and industry in a cheaper more efficient manner. We need a safe updated water system. We need broadband to every school at a minimum and every home possible. This will not be achieved by filtering the money though the state and local bureaucracy. We need a methodology for getting the contracts into the hands of private contractors and let them have a profit motive for fixing this stuff. Take the politics and cronyism out of the process and get the damn work done. We have the technology, the industry, the ability and the people to do this. Quit fucking around playing politics and get to work.

Now let’s get to the real problem today. I am here addressing you 300 million plus apathetic cocksuckers who make up this nation. It’s your country, your government and your world. Quit relying on some mythical government to fix your lives, raise your kids and solve your problems. It doesn’t work that way.

First lose the entitlement attitude. Your presence on the earth creates no obligation on my part nor does mine on you. I do not feel an obligation to provide you a house, feed your kids or pay for Grandmas hip replacement. I do not wish to you to do any of that for me. Your problems are not mine and mine are not yours. Beyond the purposes of commerce and defense there is no fucking social contract unless we agree to such.  I do not owe you shit and you owe me exactly the same. Using the government to take mine and give it to you at gunpoint is not leveling the playing filed. Its armed fucking robbery.

Be responsible for your own life and your own decisions. If you want to practice a certain religion please do so. Don’t insist I believe the same. If you do not like the idea of anal sex with Huggy Bear don’t do it. If the idea of tennis shoes made overseas in low labor cost factories bothers you do not buy them. If you do not like gay marriage then by all means feel free to not marry a gay. If you do not like getting high, do not smoke pot. If you want to help the homeless take them a sandwich and build them a house. If something on TV offends you turn it off. If you find a book offensive stop reading it. If you don’t like immigrants don’t socialize with them (your loss). Live your own goddamn life and quit insisting the government pass rules and regulations to enforce your preferences. It doesn’t work that way. Quit worrying about what others have and concentrate on how to get what you need and want.

So there you have it. Both political parties are fucked up beyond salvage. Vote all these idiots out and replace them with people who have real jobs and run real companies. Elect those who have sweated a mortgage or a payroll and send the professional  politicians home. I want a congressman who has tried to fix her MVA problems while holding a sick child on her hip and a President who made payroll by eating ramen noodles for a month while building a company. Give me a Senator who was late with his taxes because the choice was pay the bill or feed the kids. Of the people, by the people,for the people not professional hack job lobbyist sluts for those of us too apathetic to force change.

It is up to us. Educate our children to the highest degree and standards possible. Provide the infrastructure and atmosphere for fair commerce. Practice capitalism that is fair to both capital and labor. Live our lives as we wish and mind our own fucking business. Problem solved.


Jeff Watson said...

Bravo....Jeff Watson

Jeff Watson said...

Bravo....Jeff Watson

Unknown said...

Great rant, but the paragraph book-ended by these sentences is pure gold:
"Be responsible for your own life and your own decisions.... Quit worrying about what others have and concentrate on how to get what you need and want. "