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Monday, December 30, 2013

Small Banks and a Special Offer

It was pointed out to me that I made a special Holiday offer for my Deep Value product but not the Banking on Profits letter. I had to sit and think about this for a bit as it goes against my grain to offer a special deal on this letter outside the all in one package we offer. It is a premium product for investors who want to take advantage of the enormous potential in the small banking sector over the next decade. It uses my 20+ years of experience in small bank stocks to find those most likely to benefit from the powerful economic and social trends that will impact the industry. Frankly , this letter is a lot of work and I am hesitant to discount it.
But fair is fair and it is the Holidays. Take Note that this is a ONE TIME offer. Banking for profits will hit our max subscriber count in the New Year and will be closed to new subs so you will not see this offer again. To take advantage of the small illiquid nature of these stocks we have to keep our subscriber count at a manageable level and we will hit it in 2014 and close the service to new subscribers.
So here my offer. From now until  Midnight New years day you can subscribe to Banking on Profits for just $499. That is $300 off the regular subscription price.
Use this link to sign up before this offer expires.

On the off chance you forgot how powerful the potential of small bank stock is right now here are two refresher articles on why you need to subscribe to banking on profits today.

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